Spotlight: Huckleberries & Coyotes by Michelle M. Jacob

Yakama scholar Michelle M. Jacob’s new book of short stories often reads like a collection of interconnected poems, weaving tales of insight and wisdom imparted to her by her Elders. Many of the stories in Huckleberries & Coyotes touch on how to be our better selves in the present as we learn from and are responsible to the past and others, whether human, huckleberry, or more than human. When Dr. Jacob asked if I would copyedit her book, it came at just the right time, when I, like everyone, needed a feeling of hope and connection during the loss and uncertainty of the pandemic. This book is a great comfort, a reminder that we are not alone but must act as part of a collective.

You can purchase a copy for you and your family through Anahuy Mentoring, LLC, a Native American and woman-owned business. A portion of all proceeds is donated to supporting Indigenous students and students of color. 

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