Spotlight: Huckleberries & Coyotes by Michelle M. Jacob

Yakama scholar Michelle M. Jacob’s new book of short stories often reads like a collection of interconnected poems, weaving tales of insight and wisdom imparted to her by her Elders. Many of the stories in Huckleberries & Coyotes touch on how to be our better selves in the present as we learn from and areContinue reading “Spotlight: Huckleberries & Coyotes by Michelle M. Jacob”

comprise vs. compose and other things

When I used to hire copy editors for large academic projects, I got to know the work of each talented editor quite well. I learned a lot from reviewing the changes and choices they made. As the years went by, I also became familiar with what one editor would focus in on as opposed toContinue reading “comprise vs. compose and other things”

Recite and checking citations/references

At the EFA conference I attended in Chicago in August 2019, several tools were discussed to help editors check their work, citations, etc. The better tools require a monthly or yearly fee, and one has to balance the potential for time saved, the effectiveness of the tool, and cost. Recently I felt there had toContinue reading “Recite and checking citations/references”

don’t believe what you read

Consider what is being read, why it was written, and whether it makes sense. Critical thinking, generally defined as thoughtful evaluation, is a crucial editorial skill. Beyond being detail oriented, line or copy editors can and should apply some measure of objective analysis to stay mindful of facts that may be incorrect, statements that shouldContinue reading “don’t believe what you read”

tech terms

It’s no news that in the last two decades, technology has become ubiquitous. When copyediting, whether fiction or nonfiction, I am constantly coming across terms of technology for which some authors and readers aren’t quite sure of spelling or capitalization. Variations are found online, and although the terms have been added to style manuals, rulesContinue reading “tech terms”


Transitions can be exciting but also terrifying! However, most of what terrifies us is not necessarily scary, just unknown. Several months ago, I began the transition from being a full-time editorial project manager for a large corporation–a post I held for 18 long years–to becoming a self-employed editorial service provider. I had previously freelanced aContinue reading “transitions”